Vision and Mission


Information Technology
The Department of Information Technology is the Home Foundation for computer at the university, because it provides the university with the most reliable resources to meet its needs 
Mission IT department
The IT team mission is to make sources of information and other related services available in  a safe ,useful and easy access way,  so that the students and colleges staff can reach their aims and help them to focus on clients' needs and to  provide them with innovative, coordinated and economically feasible  services
Vision of Department of Information Technology
IT department must cooperate with all  staff and students at the university and is committed to  provide excellent services and information products. This will enable the IT department to keep its high standards in teaching and learning and services
The ultimate goal of the Department of Information Technology
Our goal is to supply all our customers with high quality services and meet their various needs of computing resources, regardless the degree of difficulty and complexity 
Networks and Security
Networks and Security department supports hardware and software operating systems to maintain networks and make network connection and network-based services available. The basic services are to improve the efficiency of the active directory, internet access, e-mail and upgrade them and, and extend the network cables
Computer support services
The computer support services task is to provide computer users at the university wit a wide range of services that enable them to achieve their goals on the field of computer technology in a better way. These services are available for specific group users, while other services are to meet the needs of many users.
The information technology administration provides , robust, and secure network with high performance to meet the educational needs and administrative services and research .It links the offices of the faculty, administrative staff , offices, classrooms and laboratories to the network.
Computer labs
All computer labs are provided with computers with high efficiency and Microsoft Office software. Computer labs are also equipped with an Internet connection 
An E-Mail is allocated  to each one of the faculty staff and students. The information technology administration encourages everyone  to use E-mail in correspondence and communication with others