Ceneral Directorate For Information Technology And Communications

The advancement which has been achieved in e-services worldwide and the rapid development in IT, is nowadays considered one of the main factors in developing the educational process, scientific research and the establishment of educational institutions at university level .In recent years ,Saudi Universities have developed a lot in the field of IT by providing technology elements in education and qualifying national professionals to keep abreast with the world in the areas of technology

NU, as part of the Higher Education System in the Kingdom and its keenness to be distinguished among other universities in educational , research and scientific fields , it has been necessary to provide IT services. The aim is to develop the abilities of its staff members, administrators, technicians , male and female students in computer. The IT Department has been established and it is affiliated to the university vice-rector and it supervises all the work, information and e-services which are provided to the university members Inshallah.


IT Department is an administrative and educational unit which is affiliated structurally and administratively to the university vice-rector. It is concerned with providing services, qualifying professionals for staff members, administrators , technicians, male and female students by conducting computer training courses.


1- Set future plans for the Department
2- Link colleges, deanships and administration units with Internet and email
3- Contribute in qualifying and train all university members to master computer and e-work
4- Create effective communication channels between staff members and male and female students to activate the technological field.
5- Contribute in the university decision-making by providing information, statistics, precise data and required studies.
6- Keep contact with society [ governmental and popular bodies]to provide programs that match the need of labor market.
7- Extend cooperation with other universities in order to exchange information and technological expertise .
8- Create the required infrastructure so as to achieve the optimum level of technological and informational success.


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